DIY Fruit Bouquets

DIY Fruit Bouquets

Decorative DIY Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquet using a basket base

When some of my customers began asking about fruit bouquets, I realised there was a need to develop a module on DIY fruit bouquets. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of what is needed in addition to some online resources to guide you in making an inexpensive and classy looking decorative piece.

How to make a Fruit Bouquet Using Artificial Fruit

Fruit Bouquet

Use quality artificial fruit and dried or native flowers for longevity. Fresh produce requires more immediate consumption and subsequent disposal.  Building your own artificial fruit bouquet will allow you to create a work of art in which you will feel proud to display.

The logistics behind building fruit bouquets, real or artificial, are essentially the same. As a result, the same tools can be used for both. There will be variables, for example the effect you are looking to create, the available resources, the colour theme and the base. However, you will see how quick and easy the bouquet can be created if you have the materials ready beforehand.

A beautiful display piece

Use these tools to build a beautiful fruit bouquet:

  1. A Base
  2. Foam or floral foam (the green moisture absorbing foam used by florists)
  3. Decorative leaves and flowers
  4. Artificial fruit
  5. Bamboo skewers
  6. Wire (20 gauge or less)
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