Halloween Window Displays

Creating Halloween window displays that captures the attention of your retail traffic need not be difficult or expensive. The objective of any window display must be to engage. Using visual merchandising (VM) to complement product allows the window to be themed around an event.

Nothing creates a spike in sales more than an event.

Halloween is a great theme that allows 2 to 4 weeks of promotion. Window displays executed correctly will engage both children and adults. In one of my earlier posts, I commented that it is often impossible to directly measure the return generated from money spent on visual merchandising tools.

As a result, when choosing Halloween visual merchandising tools, you should consider:

  • Longevity / durability – will you be able to roll out the VM year in year out
  • Adaptability – can the VM be used with a different style / category of product
  • Flexibility – can the VM be used in multiple ways, for example as a hanging back drop, on shelving, tables or the floor
  • Utility – can the VM be used to support other events
  • Cost – is there value for money in the purchase

Below I have formulated a list of compiled 10 VM tools that offer great value for money in your Halloween Window displays.

Spider Web & Spiders

Price: $24.59 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

This 184 piece set comprises

  • Stretchable spider web that can spread up to 93 square metres
  • 10 Large spiders (9cm)
  • 10 luminous glow in the dark large spiders (12cm)
  • 4 small black spiders (6.5cm)
  • 160 mini black spiders (4cm)

The more you stretch the web, the more realistic it appears.

The web is versatile enough to be used inside and outside and with over 90 square metres of coverage available, you could cut it to use in multiple areas or spread it over a larger area. It will provide an excellent window back drop, spreading across a wall and / or over the ground.

Giant Spider in a Web

Price: $39.64

Available: Amazon

The spider is the stand out effect in this decorative piece. At 76cm, this creature will grab the attention of consumer traffic and put a smile or scowl on their face (either way, the effect is engaging). The 3 metre web creates enough flexibility for it to be used in a corner or as a back drop.

EpicXL Light up Pumpkin with Bluetooth Speakers

Price $257.00 plus $10 freight

Available: Amazon

This light up pumpkin is a serious investment in Halloween themes. With its Bluetooth connectivity and 2 x 5 watt speakers, the pumpkin lights up in tune with the beat of the music.

The pumpkin operates on a rechargeable battery that will last up to 3 hours. As a result, if it is being used as a window display piece, it will need to be accessible to recharge.

At 18cm x 18cm, the pumpkin will capture the imagination of your passing foot traffic with alternating colours and lifelike size.

Hanpure Jack O’Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

Price: $44.00 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

The Hanpure Jack O’Lantern Halloween Pumpkin lights up like a flickering candle. As a feature piece it will stand out in the window and draw the attention of the pedestrian traffic. With its life like size it also won’t take up much space allowing it to complement the accompanying products.

The Lantern’s dimensions are 17cm x 16cm and require 2 x AA batteries. The programmable timer function is also a handy attribute to help preserve the battery life. The flickering candle effect creates great ambience and will leave your customer’s questioning whether the flame is real.

Mini Pumpkin LED Fairy Lights 20 piece set

Price: $5.58 plus freight

Available: Amazon

These pumpkin fairy lights are great to run or hang along the front of a shelf. Alternatively, they can create a border along the front of the window either on the ground or across the ceiling. Alternatively, they could be used to wrap around an artificial plant, a stand or even lattice framework.

At a touch over 2 metres, they are not overly long however they are reasonable priced so multiple sets are not out of the question. There are 20 LED lights liberally spread every 10cm powered by 3 x AAA batteries. They create a fantastic effect with the grimacing pumpkin face and an orange glow. The battery pack allows for 2 modes, flashing or lit.

Skeleton and Bone Stakes 6 Piece

Price: $39.50 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

These yard stakes are equally effective when affixed to a wall or a stand. As a set of 6, there is adequate variety to build an eye-catching display whilst creating an amazing Halloween theme.

Consisting of 1 Skull, 1 Torso, 2 hands and 2 signs (‘Beware Go Back’ and ‘Enter if You Dare’), using the pieces as VM tools will provide an engaging back drop in the window.

Decorative Skeleton

Price: $134.00

Available: Amazon

This life size (165cm) decorative skeleton could be the talking point in your Halloween window displays. The bones have an aged look, adding to their authenticity whilst the jaw bone and joints are hinged allowing you to alter the stance and appearance of the skeleton depending on the effect desired.

Use the skeleton as a back drop or as the feature piece. It can easily be incorporated as a clothes horse or to hold / support product for display purposes.

Skeletons can be a versatile VM tool. They also lend themselves to Mexican themes (Day of the Dead), medical themes, spooky and scary themes or haunted house themes.

Scary Witch Skeleton

Price: $21.22 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

Talk about eye-catching! The scary witch skeleton may not be the most popular VM tool with young kids but it will catch everyone’s attention. At just under 1 metre tall and a hang chord, the skeleton can easily be hung from above. It is light weight, with movable arms making it a versatile VM tool that can be used in multiple locations.

Hanging Ghost Halloween Decoration

Price: $49.44 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

This hanging ghost decoration brings excellent versatility. At 3.3 metres, it will be a perfect back drop hanging from the ceiling either vertically or horizontally. The use of a light behind the ghost will enhance its transparency. Made from cloth, mesh and a PVC face mask, the cloth is light weight which will allow it to hang without risk. Using a fan on low swivel can also create a rippling effect enhancing its overall impact.

Hanging Vampire Bats

Price: $14.74 plus delivery

Available: Amazon

What is a Halloween themed display without bats? This set of 10 hanging rubber bats come in 2 sizes (5 of each). Their rubber manufacture makes them durable and realistic. They can easily be hung from walls or the ceiling to complement the Halloween theme created. The larger bats are 18 x 7cm whilst the smaller version is 14cm x 5cm.

As a result of their authentic appearance, these bats are a must for any Halloween display and are a great investment for the future.

Maximising Halloween Sales Opportunities         

Events like Christmas build the foundation for success and survival for many bricks and mortar retailers. The more events retailers support, the less reliant they are on one single event. As a result, Halloween as a somewhat fun and engaging event is a great theme to support.

Amazing visual merchandising tools are available that can help build activity around Halloween. Supporting Halloween with good quality and engaging visual merchandising will enhance consumer interaction with your business. This interaction will result in sales. Inevitably, consumers are drawn to activity. Whether the sales come from activity around Halloween or at another time in the future, the result is positive.

Purchasing VM to create engaging Halloween window displays should be approached as an investment. Like purchasing equipment for home, you buy with the intent to use it again and again. The same can be said for Halloween visual merchandising.

If you know of another great product suitable for Halloween visual merchandising, feel free to leave me a note in the comments below.

Note: Prices were correct at the time of publishing. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a from qualifying purchases.

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