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Use this classy artificial pineapple as an exciting prop to merchandise displays or as home décor. The dusky orange body is complemented by the familiar rough texture found in real pineapples. In addition to the spiked crown, the pineapple’s shape and weight contribute to its authentic appearance. As a result, the artificial Pineapple is an excellent piece to use when creating displays by providing substance and authenticity.

Use the artificial pineapple in retail environs or showrooms to enhance summer themes. Outdoor dining, picnics, beach, pool and BBQ’s will all benefit from the consumer engagement provided by pineapples. Use Pineapples in cocktail themed occasions to support the desired scene.

Artificial Pineapples are often used in The Block TV show as home décor. Use them to combine subtle colour with familiarity that remind the audience of good times.

Using artificial pineapples as an engaging design piece won’t attract vermin such as fruit fly. Nor will they release unpleasant odours or unsightly decomposition. Instead, use the piece over and over again.

Using pineapples with other colourful fruit such as lemons, Artificial Green Grapes or green apples provide an engaging display that will absorb your audience. Use the Pineapple as a display piece amongst multiple pineapples or with a range of fruits for maximum effect.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 23 cm


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