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Our artificial Orange is essential to any fruit display. Its unique colour distinguish it from other fruit. Therefore it is easily relatable. When objects are relatable the audience is more engaged.

Like the Peach, the authentic appearance of the Orange is derived from its perfect colouring and texture. Too often artificial fruit looks cheap and tacky. As a result, the use of our Orange will enhance displays rather than detract.

The real value of the Orange comes from its versatility. While it is useful as a display piece on its own, greater impact may be derived when using use it in multiples to create a block of colour. The brightness of Oranges are an eye-catching feature. As a result, ensure they are seen by using them in glass. For example, glass bowls, juice jars, or vases provide considerable theatre.

Like all our artificial fruit, it is useful for open and display homes to engage the audience.

With real fruit, decay will result in the fruit becoming unsightly while emitting offensive odours. Quality artificial fruit overcomes this  ensures you can use the product again. As a result, there is greater economies.

Use the Orange as a safe and fun piece at preschools and kindy to help stimulate and educate children.

Kids aged 4+


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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