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Our artificial Red Apple is an outstanding display piece. It has the perfect shape and colouring to convey an authentic appearance. With ultra fine brush strokes defining the surface characteristics, it is near impossible to detect the artificial nature of the Apple. These attributes will ensure displays maintain credibility rather than tacky.

It is useful on its own or for best results, it should be used with multiple Red Apples or amongst a variety of fruits.

The soft hue and gloss of the Red Apple make it an attractive piece to use as a block of red, or contrasted with the Green Apple. Therefore, using it to merchandise vases, large bowls or other serving pieces for maximum effect.

Use the Red Apple in preschool or daycare for children’s make believe. It’s stimulating and fun for kids to pretend they have real food.

The Apples are also useful in display homes or open homes so you need not replace real fruit each week when it becomes unsightly and smelly.

By its nature, the Red Apple won’t deteriorate or release offensive odours as would decaying fruit. It will maintain its appearance and offers the utility of repeat usage. As a result, there is excellent versatility in using the Red Apple multiple times and for multiple reasons.

Kids aged 4+


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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