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Artificially Real Miscellaneous Foods

Our Miscellaneous artificial food comprises burgers, ice cream, hotdogs, cookies, fried eggs & croissants. As a result, there is something for all occasions.

Product driven displays result in customers becoming store blind. Therefore using artificial food to merchandise your displays creates an aesthetic the audience can relate to.

Use burgers & sandwiches to enhance the rustic look of chopping boards or timber serving paddles. Similarly, using Hotdogs and Croissants to merchandise entertainment themes, specifically servingware can have a compelling impact.

Try using Ice Creams to promote outdoor living and fun times for children.

Using Fried Eggs to enhance activity around cooking, barbecues, camping or breakfast.

Use Cookies to promote entertaining and the storage category. For example, filling a jar with cookies creates spacial awareness and looks better than an empty jar.

Ultimately, the miscellaneous category lends itself to a multitude of merchandising areas. As a result, it’s also an engaging tool as play food for children at kindy or at home. Role play is an essential element in the cognitive development of children. Look out for your next meal at your kid’s pop up restaurant.