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Artificial Cakes

Use our range of artificial cakes in displays for visual merchandising or home decor. Made from resin and hand painted, the range includes some regular family favourites in addition to a couple of eye-catching birthday cakes.

Cakes are associated with parties, birthdays or entertaining. Use our selection of artificial display cakes to help support and create the theme you are looking for. Using the real thing, means disposing of the cake after a few days of exposure. Mold will grow, it could start to smell and vermin can be attracted. The use of our cakes eliminates all of these concerns.

The real value comes from the ability to use them over and over, without having to buy multiple real cakes.

Use our artificial display cakes in showrooms, exhibitions, retail stores, photos shoots and the theatre as a prop. Using our cakes will allow your audience to relate to the presentation and therefore they will be more engaged.


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