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Our artificial kiwi fruit are an excellent decorative piece. The right texture,  shape and colour make it a truly authentic looking piece. Due to its authentic look, it is a great display piece that will easily capture the imagination of the audience without detracting from displays.

Use a bowl, platter or vase to display the kiwi fruit. It will look great displayed with bright fruit like green apples, oranges and bananas creating an alluring aesthetic.

Did you know Kiwi Fruit is not native to New Zealand. They weren’t introduced to New Zealand until 1904. Way back then it was called a Chinese gooseberry.

In the 1950s, New Zealand commenced exporting the Chinese gooseberry to the USA. It was the Cold War era so the name became a marketing nightmare. After some trial and error, the name kiwi fruit was suggested. While the Bay of Plenty at the top of New Zealand may call it self the Kiwi Fruit capital of the world, in recent years, Italy has produced more kiwi fruit than any other country.

The artificial kiwi fruit is carefully hand painted with the ‘fur’ applied to the outside. As a result, there will be no fruit fly, vermin or odours released, making it the perfect display tool.

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 cm


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