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This artificial fruit – Green Pear has the colouring and shape just right. A touch of red on the pear’s skin  and the right amount of gloss, suggests it is ready to eat now. This attribute enhances its authentic appearance and creates the value sought in artificial fruit for display purposes. If it doesn’t look real enough, do not buy it.

Use the Green Pear to enhance displays and relate to the audience. Due to their authentic appearance, the Green Pear can be used as a photographic / theatrical prop, merchandising in retail stores or showrooms or as a decor piece in display and open homes.

Like all our fruit, the  Green Pear will look best in multiples, or amongst a  mix of fruit. Using it in vases, bowls or platters will enhance the message and engage the customer.

Use the Artificial Green Pear to enhance nutritional themes. Few people know that Pears are one of the healthiest of fruits. Due to their high fibre, rich antioxidant, fat free and cholesterol free content, Green Pears are a great display piece that will promote all of these.

The artificial green pear is also a safe and fun play piece for kindy and children’s play kitchens.



Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 8 cm


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