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Our artificial Green Apple (or Granny Smith) is a brilliant display piece. Bright Green in colour, it stands out in the crowd and is easily recognisable. As a result, it is an engaging decorative piece that will capture the imagination of your target audience.

Use the Granny Smith to engage your audience. Combine it with a selection of fruits or display on its own. Either way, the colour block or contrast hits the mark when used for display purposes.

The Green Apple is popular as a visual merchandising tool, helping to bring displays to life or in display and open homes providing a relatable aesthetic.

By their nature, our Apples won’t decay making them unsightly. Nor will they emit offensive odours that tarnish the integrity of the environment. As a result, they are the perfect tool to help create a quality and engaging aesthetic.

Greater value is derived due to the ability to use them again and again.

Like our artificial Orange, the green apple is a great and safe piece that can be used in preschool, kindy or at home for playtime.

Few people know that Granny Smiths have their origins in the Sydney suburb, Eastwood in 1868.

Kids aged 4+

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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